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28 June 2014 @ 12:24 am
updated otp x songs (exo only)  
boredom got the best out of me, playlist on shuffle.

alicia keys - it's on again (previously:
백지영 - 목소리 (feat. 개리 of 리쌍))
and the night is takin' over
and the moonlight gets exposure
and the players have been chosen
and it seems like fate has spoken

btob - wow (previously: b1a4 - baby i'm sorry)

in just one moment, i got the feeling
the moment i saw you, i was hooked
what do i do? What do i do?

just like the typical main character in a drama
i boldly approached you

super junior-m - 西风的话 (previously: david archuleta - crush)
你們可記得 池裡荷花變蓮蓬
花少不愁沒顏色  我把樹葉都染 紅

exo-k - heart attack (previously: taetiseo & exo - dj got us falling in love again)
the one that i had inside my head only you
i’m in the midst of going crazy in the fantasy that seems just like reality
oh no no it can’t be it really it can’t be you
while my heart is nervously fidgeting the moment that is coming closer

lee hayi - special (feat. jennie kim) (previously: shinee - colourful)

You are, you are, you a-are
You are, you are, you a-are
So special to me.

ne-yo - because of you
and i know this much is true
baby you have become my addiction
i'm so strung out on you i can barely move
but i like it and it's all because of you

might write something based on these.
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